This is my first blog and i needed it to be truly fascinating. So, i thought how about write a blog on Beer. Along these lines, in this blog i will share my own understanding about Beer and will discuss diverse Beers. I am originally from India and i didn’t know nothing about so much Beer stuff. When i was in my High School i had part of companions and they once disclosed to me that have you ever attempted “Beer” and i resembled “NO” and they continued saying me that one day you ought to try this thing. When i began doing my Graduation, i thought perhaps i ought to try it out. The First Beer i had in my life was the “KINGFISHER” and its a truly well known Beer in India and it is Ranked among 74th among India’s Beer image. The brand was moved in India in 1978 and has a tremendous bit of the general industry of around 40%. Kingfisher “The King Of Good Times”, is India’s most saw and extensively open mix. My First involvement with this Beer was not at all good because that day i didn’t went home. The following day i woke up i felt better than average and didn’t know whether this is a direct result of the Beer or something else. That day i chose that if i will ever get the chance to expound on the Beers, i will do that. Here i am, to help all the Guys out there to get more data about Beers.


I hope you all will like my First Blog, stay Tuned for the next update.