United Brewery Holdings Limited {UBHL} or UB group is an Indian company founded in 1857 by Thomas Leishman, headquarters in UB city Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. Its centre business incorporates drinks, flights and investmets in different areas. The organization markets Beer under Kingfisher brand and possesses different brands of mixed refreshment

The Beer that i am presenting today is called “UB Export”UB Export is Karnataka’s home developed brand for a considerable lenght of time. Indiviuals of Karnataka have grown up with Ub Export, love the brand for its validness, taste and great quality, and consider it to be one of their own. UB Export gives the customers an affair od a brilliant item in a sleek and appealing bundling, all at an extremely reasonable cost.

In the mid 2000s. UB export marked on Kannada film star Upendra, who is extremely well known among the masses, and complemets the brand picture of style with the nearby touch. Uppi, ad he is adoring called, highlighted in a showcasing raid, urging shopper with the line “Yaake Cool Drink”. This was the point at which he cost of UB Export was somewhat more than a cool drink. This crusade got the flavour of the market and UB Export deals took off. Towards the finish of the decade, with the developing customer inclination for solid Beers, UB Export strong was launched.

Today, Ub export keeps on being a solid constrain in the Beer showcase, and the quite adored Brew of Karnataka.



Murree Brewery was built up in 1860 because of the always expanding interest for lager by the staff of the British Raj, and is right now the most seasoned proceeding with big business in Pakistan.

The first Brewery

Subsequent to the British addition of the PUNJAB in 1849 from Sikh administer, and all the more so after 1857 when the British Crown formally augmented its sway over India, an organized organization started in Punjab. To meet the Beer necessities of British work force { for the most part armed force }, the Murree Brewery was built and consolidated a year later at Ghora Galli, situated in the Pir Punjal scope of the Western Himalayas at a height of 6000′ above ocean level, close to the resort town of Murree. Between 1885 and 1890 the company set up Breweries in Rawalpindi and Quetta and gained a enthusiasm foe the Oticumand { South India } and Norailiya { Ceylon } bottling works. A refinery was likewise settled in the above period in Rawalpindi beside the Brewery. The Murree Brewery at Ghora Galli was among the first Modern Brewery established in Asia. This turned out to be extremely well known among the British troopers.

Now i will be writing about Murree’s Millennium Brew. The alcohol rate in this Beer is 8%. It is fermented from most noteworthy review Australian malt and Hallertau German hop products.

Murree’s Millennium

The Millenium is known as the Festival blend for exceptional events. This Beer is minimal sweet in taste along these lines, on the off chance if you need your Beer to taste minimal sweet then this Beer has a place with you.



Presently I will discuss the Beer which I for one like a great deal. This Beer is known as the Godfather of Beers and the name of the Beer itself is Godfather. This Beer is set up in Dewans Modern Breweries Ltd and was built up in 1961 by a well known pioneer industrialist of Jammu and Kashmir named Mr. Dewan Gian Chand. This organization has its Brewery in many states like Kotputli, Rajasthan and was dispatched in 2006. Godfather has its presence in over more than 20 states in Indian and is the market pioneer in many states. It is one of India’s top offering solid Beers and is especially in Northern India. It is an extremely solid Beer with 7.5% alcohol in it and it has exceptionally smooth, full bodied flavor with a steady head and great mouth totality. I tasted this Beer after i finished my graduation. There is a saying that, “First impression is the last impression” and when i saw this Beer, interestingly  got tiny bit shocked on the grounds that the man appeared on the container holding a Beer mug looks a considerable measure like Marlon Brando, an American performing artist but then I understood that they are talking about different Godfather. When i tasted this Beer, i felt it was malty yet sweet, similar to corn, however winds up on the dry side and has some bitterness to adjust. ts possibly somewhat more toasty on the malt side, yet at the same time light in flavor. The ale yeast character essentially isn’t there and its not a low quality Beer by any means, but rather it gets practically gross when its warm.

ADVICE: Best time to drink this Beer is in summers with the grill on your side and on the off chance that you welcome your friends, then it would be like cherry on the top



I hope you guys liked my previous post about Beer, now here comes the third one “TUBORG“. This Beer was founded in 1873 by Carl “Frederik Tietgen“.

Frederik Tietgen

Tuborg has literally become a company by Danish  and is working with Carlsberg Group since 1970. It turned out to be variously famous and has since developed to wind up distinctively Denmark’s top of the line brew. Tuborg is a Beer which sells different variety of Beers like: – Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Red, Tuborg red etc. This Beer was launched in India in 2009. Tuborg was brought into the Indian market because of its modernity, which became the cause of gaining more business and was very much appreciated by the customers. Tuborg is a base aged ale brew. It is fermented on ale malt. it’s a brilliant sort of malt which gives it a new gentle taste and fragrance of blooms and grain.  When i researched about this Beer, i thought i should give it a try. First, when i saw that bottle i thought it’s not a Beer, It is something else because of its Green colour but, when I tasted it i can say that it was the most awesome feeling i ever had. Some Beers a really difficult to drink beacause they make your apetite slower, so there is less intake of food and more gas is produced by other Beers as compared to Tuborg. The best part i liked about this Beer is that, you don’t need a bottle opener to open this Beer just flip the cap and you are ready to go. In such a short period of time, Tuborg has proved the phrase which says “Quality and taste matters”.



The second Beer i will be talking about is the Indian’s 2nd largest Selling Beer which is “HAYWARDS“. So, this was the second Beer i tasted and it was better than Kingfisher. The Haywards brew brand is most notable for its famous for its famous Haywards 5000 in number ale, which contains 7% liquor. Haywards 5000 hit the Indian market in 1978. This Beer is the mixture of Strength and Quality that meets the high confidence of Today’s demanding Consumers. This Beer is blended with the choicest of Malts and Hops giving itself a unique Flavor which perfectly suits the Indian Flavor and the best part of this Beer is that, it is Brewed for 48 hours as compared to other Beers which gives it a very exclusive taste. Haywards 5000 is the Trademark of pure original strong Beer which other Beers pursue for. This Beer is served all seasons and is available in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. It has a piece of the overall industry of 12% and is expanded the most in Rajasthan, Panjab, Harayana etc. Haywards 5000 is served between 7-9 degrees Celsius temperature and if it is not served on that temperature than it will lose all its smoothness. It comes with a packaging of 650 ml  and 330 ml in a standard glass amber bottle. There is a saying that “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, same goes with this Beer, do not judge this Beer by its look as no one can guess its a cool one. So, first taste it and then think it.

ADVICE: I tasted this Beer in a Restaurant with some Indian Food and it was the perfect combination ever  because of its smoothness. So, i will recommend you all do have a sip of it.

Stay tuned for the next one.



This is my first blog and i needed it to be truly fascinating. So, i thought how about write a blog on Beer. Along these lines, in this blog i will share my own understanding about Beer and will discuss diverse Beers. I am originally from India and i didn’t know nothing about so much Beer stuff. When i was in my High School i had part of companions and they once disclosed to me that have you ever attempted “Beer” and i resembled “NO” and they continued saying me that one day you ought to try this thing. When i began doing my Graduation, i thought perhaps i ought to try it out. The First Beer i had in my life was the “KINGFISHER” and its a truly well known Beer in India and it is Ranked among 74th among India’s Beer image. The brand was moved in India in 1978 and has a tremendous bit of the general industry of around 40%. Kingfisher “The King Of Good Times”, is India’s most saw and extensively open mix. My First involvement with this Beer was not at all good because that day i didn’t went home. The following day i woke up i felt better than average and didn’t know whether this is a direct result of the Beer or something else. That day i chose that if i will ever get the chance to expound on the Beers, i will do that. Here i am, to help all the Guys out there to get more data about Beers.


I hope you all will like my First Blog, stay Tuned for the next update.