Presently I will discuss the Beer which I for one like a great deal. This Beer is known as the Godfather of Beers and the name of the Beer itself is Godfather. This Beer is set up in Dewans Modern Breweries Ltd and was built up in 1961 by a well known pioneer industrialist of Jammu and Kashmir named Mr. Dewan Gian Chand. This organization has its Brewery in many states like Kotputli, Rajasthan and was dispatched in 2006. Godfather has its presence in over more than 20 states in Indian and is the market pioneer in many states. It is one of India’s top offering solid Beers and is especially in Northern India. It is an extremely solid Beer with 7.5% alcohol in it and it has exceptionally smooth, full bodied flavor with a steady head and great mouth totality. I tasted this Beer after i finished my graduation. There is a saying that, “First impression is the last impression” and when i saw this Beer, interestingly  got tiny bit shocked on the grounds that the man appeared on the container holding a Beer mug looks a considerable measure like Marlon Brando, an American performing artist but then I understood that they are talking about different Godfather. When i tasted this Beer, i felt it was malty yet sweet, similar to corn, however winds up on the dry side and has some bitterness to adjust. ts possibly somewhat more toasty on the malt side, yet at the same time light in flavor. The ale yeast character essentially isn’t there and its not a low quality Beer by any means, but rather it gets practically gross when its warm.

ADVICE: Best time to drink this Beer is in summers with the grill on your side and on the off chance that you welcome your friends, then it would be like cherry on the top