The second Beer i will be talking about is the Indian’s 2nd largest Selling Beer which is “HAYWARDS“. So, this was the second Beer i tasted and it was better than Kingfisher. The Haywards brew brand is most notable for its famous for its famous Haywards 5000 in number ale, which contains 7% liquor. Haywards 5000 hit the Indian market in 1978. This Beer is the mixture of Strength and Quality that meets the high confidence of Today’s demanding Consumers. This Beer is blended with the choicest of Malts and Hops giving itself a unique Flavor which perfectly suits the Indian Flavor and the best part of this Beer is that, it is Brewed for 48 hours as compared to other Beers which gives it a very exclusive taste. Haywards 5000 is the Trademark of pure original strong Beer which other Beers pursue for. This Beer is served all seasons and is available in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. It has a piece of the overall industry of 12% and is expanded the most in Rajasthan, Panjab, Harayana etc. Haywards 5000 is served between 7-9 degrees Celsius temperature and if it is not served on that temperature than it will lose all its smoothness. It comes with a packaging of 650 ml  and 330 ml in a standard glass amber bottle. There is a saying that “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, same goes with this Beer, do not judge this Beer by its look as no one can guess its a cool one. So, first taste it and then think it.

ADVICE: I tasted this Beer in a Restaurant with some Indian Food and it was the perfect combination ever  because of its smoothness. So, i will recommend you all do have a sip of it.

Stay tuned for the next one.