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I hope you guys liked my previous post about Beer, now here comes the third one “TUBORG“. This Beer was founded in 1873 by Carl “Frederik Tietgen“.

Frederik Tietgen

Tuborg has literally become a company by Danish  and is working with Carlsberg Group since 1970. It turned out to be variously famous and has since developed to wind up distinctively Denmark’s top of the line brew. Tuborg is a Beer which sells different variety of Beers like: – Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Red, Tuborg red etc. This Beer was launched in India in 2009. Tuborg was brought into the Indian market because of its modernity, which became the cause of gaining more business and was very much appreciated by the customers. Tuborg is a base aged ale brew. It is fermented on ale malt. it’s a brilliant sort of malt which gives it a new gentle taste and fragrance of blooms and grain.  When i researched about this Beer, i thought i should give it a try. First, when i saw that bottle i thought it’s not a Beer, It is something else because of its Green colour but, when I tasted it i can say that it was the most awesome feeling i ever had. Some Beers a really difficult to drink beacause they make your apetite slower, so there is less intake of food and more gas is produced by other Beers as compared to Tuborg. The best part i liked about this Beer is that, you don’t need a bottle opener to open this Beer just flip the cap and you are ready to go. In such a short period of time, Tuborg has proved the phrase which says “Quality and taste matters”.