United Brewery Holdings Limited {UBHL} or UB group is an Indian company founded in 1857 by Thomas Leishman, headquarters in UB city Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. Its centre business incorporates drinks, flights and investmets in different areas. The organization markets Beer under Kingfisher brand and possesses different brands of mixed refreshment

The Beer that i am presenting today is called “UB Export”UB Export is Karnataka’s home developed brand for a considerable lenght of time. Indiviuals of Karnataka have grown up with Ub Export, love the brand for its validness, taste and great quality, and consider it to be one of their own. UB Export gives the customers an affair od a brilliant item in a sleek and appealing bundling, all at an extremely reasonable cost.

In the mid 2000s. UB export marked on Kannada film star Upendra, who is extremely well known among the masses, and complemets the brand picture of style with the nearby touch. Uppi, ad he is adoring called, highlighted in a showcasing raid, urging shopper with the line “Yaake Cool Drink”. This was the point at which he cost of UB Export was somewhat more than a cool drink. This crusade got the flavour of the market and UB Export deals took off. Towards the finish of the decade, with the developing customer inclination for solid Beers, UB Export strong was launched.

Today, Ub export keeps on being a solid constrain in the Beer showcase, and the quite adored Brew of Karnataka.